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Primopraxial Loadarhythmics as Many Fest Oh! 

by Charles Keil
Submitted 08/18/08

Primopraxis; always be moving toward the prime sounds, primitive sounds, first sounds, aboriginal sounds, 'smokin' primorjul' sounds and processes of  hocketing (last note of my repeated 2-5 note phrase is the first note of your next repeated 2-5 note phrase), mouthbowing, birimbaoing, overlapping call & response (last note of my longer call is first note of your shorter response), dijiridooing, droning, conching and bonking, rara horns "one note per person-ing", rhythm sticks, click sticks (rims of snare the pattern holder and off the rim and into the drum the exceptional foray), every section listening for the riff that fits rather than looking to solo qua solo (that is, you have to "solo" some in order to find a riff that fits, and to find the next riff that fits).  Solo as solo becomes one person's over-the-top or unstoppable exuberance in the midst of interlocking or hocketing riffs, simultaenous soloing comes out of and goes back into interlocking riffs
Slogans: First things First!
               Hocket till you rock it! (Bill B.)
               1 tone worth a 1000 tomes! (Roswell R.)
                No "notes" -- only SOUNDS! (brit trmpt player to S. Swallow 1950s)
            Loadarhythmic: i still want to try recording with the drum team clumped in the center and paying attention to each other, while the horns are in a circle paying attention to the drummers. Directional microphones all pointed away from drummers will allow horns their autonomy and adjustableness in the mixing. This is more like parading outside where again I'm thinking that grooves will improve if bones and tuba are just behind drummers and saxes/trumpets either side of or ahead of drummers: horns-around-drums inside or outdoors, live or recording.  Put in the negative: drums not in vanguard or rearguard;  drums not "the other side" of the room so they won't dominate. We want Mother (bass drum), or Mother-in-Law (BD + snare), to dominate us boys  
            Slogans: Horns-around-drums!
                           Bonk before Honk!
                           Caracas Maracas!
                           Many tones elementate tomes!
            What we can do to get this way of grooving-sounding blended into local echology and rites of passage
let snare drummer call the shots/riffs?
play in 6s and 12s (4 horns & 2 drummers) (8 horns in 4 sections + 4 drummers)
section 1 is BD reinforced by snare and all-important "2nd" line (is actually FIRST line)
section 2 is tuba reinforced by bass trombone? trombone? baritone? baritone sax?       ?
section 3 is 2 or more trombones "shouting," "plungering" into sections 1 and 2
section 4 is 2 saxes riffing and soloing
section 5 is 2 trumpets or 2 zurnas or 2 clarinets supporting other sections, ascending, trilling, thrilling as needed  (or "lining out" like Whoopin' John Casimir ("Jazz Begins")
Primopractice hocketing, lift-up-overing, droning, birimbaoing, C/R, etc. etc. etc. etc.
Loadarhythmicize primopraxis for dancers, the people, the community, rites of passage, to revamp jazz as popular music, to energize 'politics' as jubilation-celebration

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