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Petition for the common GOOD
by Charles Keil
Submitted 12/15/04


WHEREAS, the existence of a Global Organization Of Democracies whose representatives meet regularly to instruct a reform caucus at the UN and to mobilize regional police forces in pursuit of justice as defined by arrest warrants, subpoenas and trials of the new International Criminal Court, will make possible 5 important processes:

1) a continuing effort to intervene diplomatically, economically, politically, and with limited force to make arrests, if necessary, whenever the International Criminal Court determines that the "cleansings" or "administrative massacres" which lead to genocide are in the planning and/or early execution stages;

2) the pursuit and arrest of individuals and small groups of terrorists as identified and located by international intelligence for the International Criminal Court;

3) a continuing effort to halt the invention and proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, so many of which are ever more easily delivered by a single person;

4) a gradual disarmament process in all the nations of the world that would release billions of dollars; for

5) solving the world’s most pressing problems - climate change, ozone layer depeletion, top soil erosion, AIDS, illiteracy, overpopulation, famine, landmines, etc. - that currently are the root causes of civil unrest, wars, more terrorism, insecurity, etc.

WHEREAS, without small, professional police forces in each region of the world that are capable of making arrests, giving safe haven to witnesses, backing up the diplomacy of democratic nations, supporting the international courts, there is no reasonable alternative to unjust and unwinnable wars that destroy people, resources, the environment, and the speciation.

WE, the undersigned, propose that:

To stop the ecocatastrophe and build world peace processes a Global Organization Of Democracies (GOOD) supporting the International Criminal Court (ICC) must coordinate efficient regional police forces to help prevent "administrative massacres" and terrorism, thereby enhancing the security of all peoples and encouraging states to redirect a growing portion of their military budgets to economically sustainable problem-solving over time.

Name Address Phone No.

Please obtain between 1 and 5 signatures.
Mail petition to Charles Keil, 22 Wells Hill Rd., Lakeville, CT, 06039

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